As humans we inherently understand the transformational power of an artistic experience – be it a passage of music, a poem or a thing of beauty like a butterfly or a sunset. Can you think of a moment when a piece of art, a song, a play, changed your perception, opened a door to new possibilities?

My passion is in harnessing the power of art to discover unique and pragmatic strategies and solutions, and engaging it for positive movement and change. 

“What is a cultural strategist?”

Alberta’s Cultural Policy

From the impossible to the imperative. With only 8 months to develop and launch a Cultural Policy for the Province of Alberta, building coalitions, developing the value proposition and creating a unique communications strategy were the keys to delivery.

Breaking the Fast

It was September of 2001, just after 911. A guest of the US State Department’s Visitors Program, I was on the tail-end of a one-month tour of five American cities, which had been scheduled to launch on September 12. It was the opportunity of lifetime which on that fateful morning got cancelled and then put […]


  I began to experiment with Cultural Strategy in 2000 when I was working with the Canadian Unity Council. As Director of the Western office, one of my responsibilities was to identify issues and challenges, existing or fomenting, that divided us as a Nation. Obvious examples included western alienation and Quebec separatism, more subtle were […]

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